Why Web Design Matters

Web Design

Web design used to be of secondary importance to having an online presence at all.

As long as you were online that was all you needed to do.

Times have changed though and today, it’s not just having a website, but having a well built and efficiently hosted site that matters.

With web design, there are many elements that all work together to make a site work effectively.

The foundations of your site is the hosting server that publishes your website.

Slow or unreliable hosting with handicap your website and it doesn’t matter how slick or well designed and structured your actual design is, if it’s hosted on a clunky old, slow server, you will never attract the volumes of quality traffic that you deserve.

Design and Structure

By the same token you can have the fastest server on earth, but if you have a site that is very code heavy, badly constructed and image heavy with non compressed .png images then your site will still grind to a halt on the majority of devices.

Each line of html code that is used to deliver your page content needs to be sent to your visitors PC, phone or tablet. The more code you use, the slower your website will be.

Deeho Web Design Agency

HTML5 is the latest specification code which minimises the required code needed and speeds up load times.

Responsive Web Design

People use different devices to surf the web and your website needs to be compatible with all those devices if you are going to attract the maximum amount of traffic.

Google penalises sites that are not designed to work efficiently on mobile devices so if your site isn’t ready for mobile you are instantly halving your potential reach.

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